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Year of The Pig(猪—Zhū)

Year of The Pig (猪—Zhū)

The Pig is the twelfth of most zodiac animals. According to a myth, the Jade Emperor said the order could be decided by the sequence in which they came to his own party. Pig was overdue because he overslept. Another story states that a wolf destroyed his property. He had to rebuild his home until he could put off. After he came, he had been the last one and may just take twelfth location.

The Pig can be connected with the Earthly Branch (地支—dì zhī) hài (亥), and the hours 9 pm -11 pm at the night. In terms of yin and yang (阴阳—yīn yáng, the Pig is yin. In Chinese culture, beans will be the symbol of wealth.

Their chubby faces and big ears have been signs of fortune too.

Pigs have a gorgeous personality and so are blessed with good fortune in life.

Recent years of the Pig were: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

As stated by the Celestial Stems (天干—Tiān gān), there is just a 60-year calendrical cycle. Even though hài is associated with ground, many years also cycle through the five elements of nature (五行—wǔ xíng).

See the table below for the full information on each year.

























































Personality and characteristics

Pigs might not be noticeable at a bunch. However, they’re extremely realistic. The others could be all talk no action. Pigs will be the alternative.

Though maybe not wasteful spenders, they will let themselves take it easy. They love entertainment and certainly will sporadically treat themselves. They’re somewhat materialistic, but that is motivation for them to perform hard. Having the ability to grip solid objects in their hands gives them more security.

They’re lively and therefore are always excited, also for boring tasks. When given the chance, they will require positions of status and power. They think that only those folks have the privilege to speak, which is exactly what they want.


Element Year


Metal 1971, 2031 All these Pigs mind their own business. They are a bit lazy and unmotivated but focus on their work. They’ll definitely succeed if they place more focus on it. However, they need to learn how to budget and save. Otherwise, their fiscal luck is going to likely be gone.
Water 1983, 2043 These Pigs are responsible and serious. They are full of thoughts however, are readily influenced by others. In relationships, that can be a fantastic thing. They listen and communicate well with their friends and family. They have good fortune and can retire with ample savings.
Wood 1935, 1995 These Pigs are lovable. To these, it’s okay if there isn’t any money. However, they should save and possess an emergency fund. They simply take every day in any given time and peacefully face all of the difficulties. They’ve plain but smooth connections.
Fire 1947, 2007 These Pigs are extremely determined by the others. They’re more acceptable for tasks that need cooperation and team work. If they concentrate on a certain skill, they can construct a solid foundation for their career. They’re good with money too, and have nothing to worry about in this aspect. They are popular and get on well with everybody. However amorous relationships are rockier.
Earth 1959, 2019 These Pigs are social butterflies with friends from all walks of life. They have a good deal of support in both work and life. They’ve blessed resides and may locate happiness. They succeed in the future. But they’re not the most romantic people and may want to focus with this.

Though maybe not wasteful spenders they will let themselves accept it easy. They love entertainment and certainly will occasionally cure themselves. They’re marginally materialistic, but that is motivation for these to execute hard. Having the capacity to traction solid objects within their hands gives them more security.

They truly are lively and are always excited, also for boring tasks. After given the opportunity, they will require positions of power and status. They presume that only individuals people have the privilege to talk, that is exactly what they need

Men born in the year are gentle and optimistic. They are quite focused. Once they choose an objective, they’ll put everything in it.

They aren’t just the most effective with money. Though cool-headed, they are also gullible. They trust others readily and are often scammed. This may cause them to lose a fortune.

These men may also be quiet. They love learning but do not really know just how to put their knowledge to words. They’re not conversationalists, but treat everybody yearns. This results in a massive social circle. Any time they come across difficulties, there are always people who endure up to help. Though people will lie to them, more will love them.

Women born from the Pig year are filled with enthusiasm. They attend social events whenever possible and also treat everyone genuinely. Combined with their easy going personality, they gain everyone’s trust.

But, they are sometimes over-friendly. In their excitement, they can neglect to provide the others personal space.

They also have good fortune with wealth. As long as they keep at this, the efforts won’t go to waste. Though they do not begin by having a bonus, their hard work could keep money flowing.

At home, they are exceptionally organised. In case the space is cluttered, they’d stay up the whole night to completely clean this up. These women love kiddies too. Playing kids is among the things that bring them the best joy.


Most compatible with Pig: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat

Pigs are the most appropriate for Tigers. The brave Tiger gives Pigs the security they need.

The Rabbit is going to be drawn by the child’s intelligence and warmth. With the Goat, you will find many common interests and themes.

Least compatible with Pig: Snake, Monkey

Pigs and Snakes have clashing characters and are the least harmonious. They’ve biases against one another and cannot compromise. It is Tough to get together with Monkeys as well. The relationship is high in tension. Lucky things for Pigs

Colours: Yellow, Grey, Brown

Numbers: 2, 5, 8

Mineral: Agate

Directions of auspiciousness: Southeast, East

Directions of wealth: Northeast

Directions of love: North

Unlucky things

Colours: Blue, Green

Numbers: 1, 7, 9

Careers fit for Pigs

Pigs are gentle and rarely lose their mood. When they’re doing, it’s not a stunning commotion. They’ll always try to compromise and settle things immediately. Because their goal of life is for everyone to live in stability, they have been appropriate for careers associated with charity and fund raisers.

Also, they are very tolerant and understanding. If a person makes a mistake, then they’ll attempt to help the person fix it. They have been patient and desire the very best for everybody. This makes them great trainers and teachers.

In case Pigs are thinking about company, then they ought to really be braver. Just take some risks in investments, but to an extent. After a few small challenges, the path to wealth could be smooth. Property is a good solution for all these Pigs.

Health and Life Style

Pigs mostly have an excellent build and also a resilient human body. They have been always lively, as if they will never go out of energy. Their normal health is something Pigs are pleased with.

But sometimes they can be overconfident and forget some slight symptoms. If failed for too much time, the tiniest things can become grave.

Moreover, Pigs lead very busy lifestyles. Even though they don’t feel tired, they should still remember to take breaks. They may be in an increased risk for respiratory diseases. Unhealthy food diets can cause diabetes, higher cholesterol and cardiovascular issues too.

Pigs are not you to give in to difficulties. This really is a good trait at work, but might not be here. Permanently health, Pigs has to learn how to take little disorders seriously and have normal check-ups.


Pigs in the Year of the Pig

It’s traditionally the very unfortunate year with trouble and danger lurking at every corner.

Similar to the previous calendar year, Pigs may find chance in certain areas of their lifetime, but the others are going to need work to prevent potential dangers.

This won’t be considered a transitional year for Pigs, and it’s best to try and “put it out” in situations if at all possible. While that may be horribly frustrating, try not to forget that a essential element to utilising your fortune will be time consuming. Next year will bear decent fruit Pigs, but the time isn’t right to harvest the fruits of your job. Instead, familiarize yourself with possible oversights and improve up on them so you may make the most of similar situations since they occur later on. This is a key part in most Asian religions, who is to say, you may well be stuck consulting the identical problem again and again before you solve it.

As a way to bring as much good luck as you possibly can your entire year, it is a good idea to wait happy events such as weddings or family gatherings. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to plead for security at your favourite temples over the course of this year in order to guard yourself from bad luck.


Pigs’ 2019 horoscope reveals that changing careers might bring unforeseen consequences, and in most cases needs to be avoided. Pigs have a way of directly facing their issues and also occasionally this may impair their ability to observe that the deeper meaning of an problem. While Pigs can get confrontation this year it will be best to face these issues with endurance and endurance, two tools that are in Pigs “tool belt” but are not always properly used if they should be.

The chance of Pigs this past year is marginally sardonic, because their sign brings fortune to your bevy of additional zodiac signs, but Pigs themselves are not overly fortunate this past year. It isn’t really a good time and energy to make to use your hands at the casino. However, if Pigs may avoid these potentially massive pitfalls, they will escape the calendar year relatively unscathed and in great position for the next year.

Luckiest Months: April 8th — July 20th

Unluckiest Months: September 12th – December 2nd


The education prediction for Pigs, however, shows some fantastic fortune. For individuals seeking degree, it seems the stars are aligned in your favour. The 2019 Pig research shows that buying education will position them to take better advantage of future opportunities.

There’ll be a few potential issues that arise because of administrative illness, however Pig’s inherent charm can help smooth things over immediately. Your charm may also help win you favour with your professors, a little aspect that helps when they’re grading exams.


Health can be ranked as a fair category for Pigs this past year. While there are no major disorders on your own horizon, Pigs will need to look closely at minor ailments to stop them from becoming something large.

If you feel ill, do not delay in consulting a physician or pharmacist, this really is a significant secret to staying healthy this year. Besides this, maintain a consistent exercise regimen and also a diet composed of healthy, unprocessed foods. Add more fruits and vegetables to a diet plan to get an extra boost to your resistance.

It is crucial to note that your mental health in 2013 may experience a few complications. You expected to function as the entire year, and it may not be training as though you’d planned. You shouldn’t be reluctant to talk about this frustration with the others as your family and friends are the trick to getting through crisis. If it becomes too tricky to bear, seek the advice of a licensed professional such as being a therapist.


The love forecast for Pigs is also pretty unremarkable for 2019. It seems that while it isn’t the year for authentic love, there will be plenty of enjoyable moments and brand new prospects during this particular year. However, it is important to be observant because these opportunities are meant to teach you a lesson about what is and isn’t significant at a suitor.

Fortunately for Pigs, the absence of relationship play means that they are able to concentrate on making new friends and connections. Assessing their network might have a significant impact on Pigs’ future, and in certain respects become more rewarding than an intimate relationship. Don’t hesitate to be too quick to jump in to a relationship since it might result in more problems than it really is worth, focus instead on enlarging your circle of friends.

For Pigs that are in a relationship, it will be crucial to communicate your wants to your mate. A failure of communicating usually denotes the imminent breakdown of additional big relationship bases. As a way to avoid this from happening, knowingly hear a partner and do not be afraid to let them know how you are feeling as well, or you might find yourself harbouring some resentment.

Life Style

Pigs are set for nearly a unfair year it sounds. This year is about scrutinising the features of Pigs in order to ensure success, however for Pigs, to whom that occurs naturally, they will have a challenging season and must practice patience and discipline.

It is very important to remember never to be more short-sighted. You might give attention to this season and state it is unjust, or you may concentrate on the near future and understand that this time is supposed to create up opportunities for the very long term and exercise the elements that’ll make you successful in your future jobs.


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